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March 3rd, 2019 - Getting ahead of things we have decided to start a 'soft opening' phase! Accounts, Characters and Posts may be created now! We only ask to hold off on public advertising until the official opening date. (But please do tell your friends!) - cat & potato

Feb 27, 2019 - Hello lovely people and visitors! The Admin team here on Raptured have decided to do a temporary shutdown to completely revamp the entire site. Raptured is changing from semi-fantasy lion to semi-fantasy wolf RPG. We are planning a soft opening on April 1st. So keep an eye out for that. - Cat and Potato

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Spring is in full bloom as they enter the middle of it. With rainfall rising and an abundance of vegetation in growth, Raptured has become a haven.


With plenty of water, food and good weather the prey are thick around the lands

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    Nocturna Gorge
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    One of the main entrance points to the north, it is made up of vast rock faced walls on either side to lead a new wanderer within. Many paths run along the tops, sides and bottom of the gorge, making it ideal for travel. Grass is still a comfort as it is scattered about the various size boulders and ledges. The occasional cave or den can be found and used, but with the high traffic is it a risk to take.

    Eagle Pass,
    Naru Stream
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    Acadia Falls
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    Found in the north, the roar of water can be heard. Various sized waterfalls spill over many places along the Acadia. Some are more violent than others, but all are beautiful. The water is fresh, clear and cold year round. It offers a vast array of water life within the pools that lay at the bottom of each falls. The land that surrounds the falls is lush with vegetation of all kinds.

    Parlous River
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    Danetree Jungle
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    Tall, moss covered trees grow thickly together to make up the dense jungle. Rainfall is almost daily during every season, except summer, which has created a tropical atmosphere within. The ground itself is layered in cushioned grass and more of the vibrant green moss. Vines and other foliage hang down from the canopy and aid in blocking out most of the sunlight. However, the breaks in the tree tops allow just enough for wild life and plant life to excel.

    Deific Tree,
    Fiskeri Slough

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    Aldrose Forest

    Forest Harmony   by Gader, 03-07-2019, 02:45 AM
    Almost as lush as the jungle, the forest boasts a larger variety of non-tropical trees. They are not dense enough to block out all the light and it instead, filters through the open space to cast the inner forest in a golden glow. Leaves, grass and moss are the general make up of the fertile soil. Older trees have long since fallen to give those that wander a place to rest.

    Caribou Lake
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    Sinhera Plateau
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    The center of the Eastern land is unlike the rest. A large hunk of land sits taller than the rest. The surface of the top is flattened, though it becomes more inclined toward the edges to create sharp rock walls. The area on top is blanketed fresh green foliage. Not many trees or shrubs can be found here and for some reason the wind seems to always be at its strongest.

    Whistler's Spout
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    Skullsneke Coast

    Pirates Delight   by Skrell, 03-11-2019, 11:10 AM
    The winding coastal region is found to the East. Some places of it hold steep ledges, while the rest is various sized beaches. There is enough vegetation along it to draw the attention of prey and predator alike. Though the ocean is no place to drink, it holds plenty to eat. If one can handle the cold and harsh conditions that it offers.

    Pelican Bay,
    Barracuda Isle

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    Aravalli Range
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    The mountain range is made up of jagged peaks and steep inclines. It stretches the majority of the western side and boasts the coldest temperatures of the land. Nearly year round the mountain tops can found cast in the majestic white of untouched snow, as it is much harder to venture that far up. Toward the bases of the range it is rocky, yet it still holds some trees and vegetation.

    Cavus Antrum,
    Foxmoor Cove
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    Haven Valley

    A Predator Strikes   by Ethera, 03-06-2019, 03:18 AM
    Nestled high in the mountains is a picturesque glacial valley. Lush in the warm months and covered in grass and flowers it's a favorite of lovers and grazing animals alike. At the top a broad river of ice ends in an impossibly blue lake which begins a stream and a series of quaint pools further down. In winter though the winds and snow are harsh, devouring anyone who dares to venture up here.

    Viridescent Fields
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    Dormire Top
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    Somewhere in the vast mountain expanse, a dormant volcano can be found. It has one of the highest peaks in all of the land, with a view to die for. Instead of the usual rounded or pointed mountain- this one is flattened. A crater like top crowns the volcano. Its floor is dry, warm and cracked. A dangerous place to lurk as the ground feels as if it could give under the right amount of weight. Though to some, it is ideal because of the seclusion and heat it offers.

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    Burslis Savanna

    Prowling Around   by Viper, 03-09-2019, 02:39 PM
    The Savanna is is one of the largest territories in the lands. Long, golden blades of dry grass can be seen for miles. Tall enough to cover almost any predator who hunts. The land is filled with various prey, and predator alike. Many acacia trees are scattered about along with a variety of scarce shrubbery to be found. It boasts warmer than usual temperatures which drawls in the many life forms.

    Baobab Patch
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    Rosemerrow Scrubs
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    The southern lands are much dryer than that of the north and that is ever evident in the Rosemerrow. The land is a dusty dirt almost all over and cracked because of the lack of moisture. Only small, scraggly shrubs grow scarcely about the many rise and falls of the land. No real shelter can be found to escape the heat of the day, and various pits litter the ground to be unseen at night.

    The Verikko
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    Merimeda Sands
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    The sands are just that, a broad expanse of land made up of only sand. There is no grass, no trees, no water source to be found here. Only shifting dunes of fine grains. By far the hottest land that Raptured has to offer, with little to no shelter at all. If one might have luck upon them, the rare sight of a cactus might be found.

    Chimera Oasis

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    Our button!   by Raptured_Staff, 03-05-2019, 02:49 AM
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    Link Backs

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    First Links

    Omne: A Fantasy Animal Ro...   by Guest, 03-23-2019, 05:45 PM
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